NYC has some of the finest drinking water in the country. Yet it can also be high in sediment as it makes its way down from upstate reservoirs. Add in NYC’s aging infrastructure and you can see why water purification is good for you and good for your building. 

Filtering your water not only makes for happy residents,  it increases water efficiency and extends equipment life--all while lowering operating and maintenance costs.

Along with our own century of experience working with New York's various water systems, we have partnered with Culligan--the premier water purification experts in the country--to bring you the best water filtration products and services available anywhere. As the exclusive Culligan distributor in Manhattan, there’s no one more qualified for the job of purifying water than Fred Smith.

Brown Water Problems
As water makes its way through the city’s distribution system of aged piping, corrosion by-products and particulate matter are picked up along the way. This can result in tenants complaining about brown water in their sinks or tubs. While flushing the plumbing lines will remove sediment from piping, this is only a temporary solution because sediment can rapidly build up again.
A Permanant Fix
A long term solution to brown water issues would be to install a central filtration system, which, if properly installed and sized, will eliminate corrosion and sediment from the water, greatly reducing noticeable water discoloration. 

Depth Water Filtration (Central Filtration Systems)
This system is installed onto the main service lines coming in from the street to remove particles and sediment  the water picks up while traveling through the city distribution system.  The oxidation of the particles in the water can cause rusty, brown water, which is noticeable in bathtubs and plumbing fixtures; the staining of laundry; the build up of scale and rust within domestic water systems causing malfunction of check valves, circulation pumps, faucets and integral toilet parts, as well as shower bodies. 

Depth filtration can also help to eliminate scale and buildup within HVAC and other water systems, saving a lot of hassle and expense in the long run.

Branch Line Filter
For those buildings where the brown water problem is isolated on one riser or a few branch lines, a smaller branch line filter could be all that’s needed. These filters are offered to and purchased by both the co-op and/or private tenants, depending on the specific problem.

At-Sink Drinking Water Systems
Many people have water that has an unpleasant taste or odor. This can be caused by corrosion by-products in the water or additives that the city uses (such as chlorine), to reduce bacteria and the leaching of lead into the drinking water. Different drinking water systems can be provided to remove just about anything in the water including, but not limited to, taste, odor, chlorine, bacteria, viruses, fluoride, sediment, particulate matter, color, volatile organic contaminates, lead, pesticides, peptic chemicals and dissolved minerals in the water.  Not all filters perform the same functions. We evaluate the problem to match you with the best filter for the results you’re after.

Unparalleled Expertise
Whether you want to explore a whole building system or a reverse osmosis system for your apartment, before you reach for another glass of water, reach for the phone and call us.